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  Check Body pH Regularly
Avoid Cancer Symptoms 
Healthy Body pH 7.4-7.8

What's Your Body pH?

Take a few seconds in the morning
Check it before brushing your teeth.

Maintain Healthy Body pH to
Avoid Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.


Cancer  the disease was named 100+  to identify location and stages.
Breast Cancer
 Colon Cancer
 Lung Cancer
 Prostate Cancer
Cancers of Blood and
  Lymphatic Systems:
Hodgkin's Disease
Multiple Melanoma
Skin Cancers:
Malignant Melanoma
Skin Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Cancer of Pancreas
Liver Cancer
Colon and Rectal Cancer
Anal cancer
Cancers of Urinary system:

Cancers of
Digestive Systems:
Head and Neck
Bladder Cancer
Testis Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Brain Tumors
Bone Tumors
Carcinoid Tumor
Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Retroperitoneal Sarcomas
Soft Tissue Tumors
Thyroid Cancer
Cancers of Unknown
Cancer is more common as we get older 50 + Although 1 in every 4 people are getting cancer.

In 2008 when I learned I was terminally ill with Stage 4 Melanoma, the only signs which first surfaced were a weariness for a couple weeks and then a skin lesion appeared, that persisted for weeks and prompting a doctors visit. I was shocked when told, it had advanced internally to lymph nodes and was Stage 4 melanoma.  Otherwise I felt relatively normal.

 So, let me emphasize, if my cancer hadn't surfaced at the skin level, I wouldn't have known or begun treatment. Cancer is best caught early. As it progresses it becomes more aggressive.

Had I'd know acidic body pH is also a huge telltale sign, I would have avoided cancer altogether  I would have prevented it, nipped it in the bud. So the first and foremost sign to check is body ph level which can be done easily in the morning before you brush your teeth by placing a bit of saliva on a pH Tester.

These are
cancerous cell growth symptoms:

Croaky voice or hoarseness
Persistent cough
Coughing up blood
Difficulty swallowing

Persistent heartburn or indigestion
Unexplained pain or ache

Unusual lump or swelling anywhere
Persistent bloating

Unusual breast changes
Unexplained vaginal bleeding

A Sore that won't heal
Mouth or tongue ulcer that won't heal
New mole or changes to a mole

Heavy night sweats

Looser poo or pooing more often
Blood in your poo

Problems peeing
Blood in your pee

Unexplained weight loss

 PH Testers
Test Your Body pH:
 Check Your pH Regularly
  pH 7.4-7.8 in adults and children
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